Looking for a partner to support you, for example your information needs, organizational restructuring or cash flow planning?


The world is changing and your company or institution goes along with it. A merger or acquisition, changing markets circumstances, decrease in demand due to by example changes in the regulatory environment, the successful introduction of a new product or the sudden departure of a major customer: every company or institution faces growth and shrinking situations from time to time.

As board and management, you are constantly dealing with these challenges. You plan activities, directs the organization in the right direction and follows the results closely. Until the moment comes when you realize that developments are moving so fast that your existing organization does not have answers quickly enough.

Then it turns out: ‘a problem never comes alone’. You are faced with a variety of complex issues, which all seem to have equally high priority. Where should we start? What is the next step? Can we meet our obligations? And what will our financiers and regulators think about the plans? Just some questions that pop up to you immediately.

PN & Partners can help you to create overview and stabilize the situation, advice you on issues including the following areas:

  • Control and accounting information

  • Organisational restructuring

  • The continuity question: cash flow planning and financing

A problem comes not alone; we make a solution together