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PN & Partners BV was founded in 2010 by chartered accountant Paul Nijssen, after a career of 10 years in accountancy. During this period, a wide range clients was served, both SMEs and corporate and in not-for-profit. This especially in the sectors of transport and logistics, building & construction and healthcare.

Through consultancy and interim management assignments in addition to knowledge of processes and (financial) reporting, a great deal of experience in, among other areas of financial management, restructuring, cash flow planning and ICT. We advised managers of construction companies, transportation companies and executives in health care. But a works council too which faced drastic reorganization plans.

We facilitated interim management within logistics providers and major healthcare organisations in growth and shrinking situations. We negotiated with bankers while the company had to make a turnaround from loss to profit. And we did negotiations for acquisition and its implementation within the existing organization. Just a insight in our activities.

During this period, we built a network of professionals: from specialized lawyers to accountants. From bankers to experienced supervisory board members. This allows us if required to react on issues with a multidisciplinary approach. We know our own limitations and the power of collaboration. In opposite to ‘A problem never comes alone’, we say: ‘together, we make solutions work.”

Paul J.A. Nijssen MSc RA
Paul J.A. Nijssen MSc RAPartner
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