Organisational restructuring

It is a fact: the world around you is changing. A future-oriented organisation structure is essential. Short lines, fast but balanced decision-making processes, necessary information, customer focus, positive culture, quality assurance, results, all are very important.

In an organization overhead is necessary. Management, commerce, marketing, administration, human resources, support services, R & D, quality control, etc. is simply needed. Unfortunately, overhead especially in good times tend to grow naturally. But what is the most desirable situation? Which overhead is needed now and in the future? How is overhead itself, compared to the current developments in the field of ICT?

Due to increase and decrease of activities, it may occur an organization structure is no longer at the right level to meet the requirements of their purpose. As we say: “the organization does not fit any longer with the purpose it was developed”. After an intensive analysis process based on the generated control information, we find for example, that redesigning your organization structure is required. This may for example consist of role changes, followed by a personnel reorganization. But also for example, merging or selling real estate or flexible the office space.

On the other hand, investments may be required: for example, in expanding location(s), in people and in ICT. The question: is your company ready for the next step? How can we handle greater sales? How do we control our growing organization, without generating unnecessary overhead?

As board and management, you can be convinced of the need and added value of your proposed decision. A decision that does have impact on others. Those others are represented in representative councils. For example, a supervisory board, the works council, trade union, a group of users or a client representation. Their voice is important to support your decision. Their knowledge and insights are valuable to a good decision.

PN & Partners support you in these situations. We do this with independent advice, interim management and optionally extended involvement in the form of a supervisory board member.

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